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Director of NTUU KPI Campus Telephone: 454-92-31


Campus Accountant Telephone: 454-90-07


Student Campus Council Telephone: 454-90-63


Hostel Dispatcher Telephone: 454-92-63


Electrician on duty Telephone: 454-20-84


Plumber on duty Telephone: 454-96-28


Gas company Officer on duty Telephone: 454-91-31


Fire alarm system Officer on duty Telephone: 454-95-97

The medical staff is highly qualified, and include general practitioners and unique specialists. Equipment include clinical laboratories, X-ray equipment, etc. Students are encouraged to make use of these facilities. Inoculations and vaccinations can be given.Medical care and rest of students and post-graduate students of NTUU "KPI". - See more at: http://kpi.ua/en/node/7269

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Student Life and Affairs


Studying at KPI University gives great opportunities to its students not only to receive the best education and become a real master of your trade, but also to meet lovely people and go through some wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.





KPI provides its students with everything they need to make the study process safe and comfortable. There are tons of extra-curricular activities one can engage in, as well as various student programs that allow one to participate more fully in the life of the university. Also, the University provides its students with spring and summer travel-packages around Ukraine and various European countries. So, if you love to travel there are fabulous trips to embark on.


The students, professors, and directors of KPI are dedicated to boosting and promoting the University’s invincible spirit, and make it the best University in Ukraine. We are truly one big family at KPI, and we will be proud and very glad if you will join us.



Safety and Security


The KPI study environment is very safe and secure. The security guards patrol the whole KPI territory, and make sure that no students are doing anything illegal on the grounds of KPI. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and consumption of illegal substances are strictly prohibited on the grounds of the University.
The security guards may ask students to show their id. So, it is very important to always carry with self your id, or student ticket, or any other certified documentation that proves you are a student at KPI.





The students of KPI University are friendly. They like to go to the movies, sit in café’s and talk with friends. They also enjoy dancing all night long at various clubs in the city and big music festivals. Moreover, they like to visit the Opera, theatres and museums. You can buy tickets for any performances or music festivals at box-offices located throughout the city.


Student life is fun, exciting and fast-paced at KPI.





There are photocopy (Xerox) and printing centers, office stationary shops and refectories in every building of the University. The prices are bearable and rather cheap for students. And the assortment is really big.





Various championships are conducted in different sports, such as in shaping, football, etc. Furthermore, the KPI Olympics are conducted. Any student can participate in the championships. The student wishing to participate in a championship should be allowed to go through by the medical staff. You can find out more from your physical education professor, or on our site.





Students may also participate in many conferences that are conducted throughout the year. In order to find out what conferences are conducted and what you need to do to participate in them, visit our site or your department’s deanery.





Every 30th of May the KPI students and staff celebrate the KPI Day. The holiday is celebrated with a parade, the singing of the KPI hymn, dancing and music performances, as well as speeches of students and directors of the University.



Faculty Day


Every department celebrates the day of its own creation. Students of each department decide themselves how to celebrate the day. All creative ideas are welcome.



Beauty Contests



Each department conducts a beauty contest, such as "Mr. FMM," or "Ms. FMM." Any student can enroll in the contest. Each contestant has to show his/her talent and answer the jury’s questions. Moreover, the contest includes a swimsuit competition. The winners of the departmental beauty contests may enroll in the university’s general beauty contests, such as "Queen of KPI," or "King of KPI." The winners receive special prizes. They’re names and photos are printed in a special booklet that’s given out to all students. Additional information is available on the site.





Students are welcome to participate in various contests, such as the "Translation Contest" and the "Engineering Contest." You can find out about upcoming contests on our site.





Students are welcome to write interesting and up-to-the-moment articles for the University’s newspaper.






The Students Union Committee along with the University offer travel packages to different parts of Ukraine, to revitalizing complexes, as well as to the KPI health resorts. The travel-packages are quickly snapped up so, it’s your job to get them first. The prices are lower, compared to average prices at travel agencies of Kiev. The travel-packages are a great opportunity to make new friends and travel the country. There are also programs for students who like to combine studying and travel. For instance, students have the opportunity to visit Germany and study the German language.


For more information contact the Students Union Committee, or visit this site regularly for news on up-coming trips.



Club of Fun called "KVN"


The Club of Fun and Quick-witted is a fun student organization that is made up of student teams and the jury. The teams come up with hilarious jokes, sketches, and covers of famous songs, which they then perform at the Culture and Arts Center before the audience and the jury. The teams compete with each other for first, second and third places and the jury grades their efforts. The contest is made up of quarterfinals, half-finals and the finale of the season. The winners are presented with awesome prizes and achieve immense popularity among students.


Theatre of Estrada Amateurs (Amateur Theatre) "ЕТА"


The theatre has a long history - 50 years of amazing work. The genre ranges from tragedies to the most outstanding comedies. The "ETA" performs in many European countries, such as Poland. It is very popular among students.
Vitaliy Vadymovych Ivashenko is the theatre’s art-director. Students are always welcome to join, develop their drama skills or just show them to the world. For more information visit http://kpi.ua/eta-history.



Arts Bodies


The Culture and Arts Center of NTUU KPI ("Центр Культури та Мистецтва") invites all students to join the amateur arts bodies:
Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic"; Folk Bandura Ensemble; Folk Academic Choir; Theatre of Estrada Amateurs "ETA"; Contemporary Dance Ensemble "Style"; Singing Ensemble "Sixth sense;" Pop Music Vocals Studio "Spivayko" ("Співайко"); Guitar Studio; Contemporary Choreography Ensemble. If you need more information or if you have any questions please, do not hesitate to call: 241-86-26; 241-97-22; 454-91-32.



Folk Dance Ensemble "Polytechnic" (Народний ансамбль танцю "Політехнік")


The Folk Dance Ensemble was organized in 1946. The genre of the ensemble includes dances from different regions of Ukraine, as well as other cultural dances from around the world. The ensemble performed in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and USA.
The art-director of the ensemble is Maria Viacheslavivna Mizyk. Any students who are interested, are welcome to join. For more information visit http://www.polіtechnic.com.ua.



Dancing Ensemble "Rose" (Ансамбль бального танцю "Троянда")


The ensemble was organized in 1985 at KPI. The ensemble is made up of 50 talented dancers, mostly students. The ensemble organized the ball-room dancing contest, which is still conducted today. The ensemble toured the USA in 1989. Students are welcome to join this amazing ensemble.




As you can see, there are so many awesome things one can do at KPI!


Student life in this amazing University is fun, exciting and unforgettable.


So, don’t hesitate, and join our wonderful family.


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